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  • Our Mission  

    Brite Box, Inc. has set out to redefine the role of xenon follow spotlights in the entertainment industry. We believe in a product that is simple, yet sophisticated, offering user-friendly controls and a superior quality of light in a minimal package.

    Support and accountability are the primary values of Brite Box, Inc. Unlike our competitors, who manufacture only for the end sale, our staff has several decades of experience working directly with fixtures in a rental market.

  • The Science Behind the Brite Box Technology  

    Xenon Lighting
    While most professional followspots utilize a short-arc xenon light source, Brite Box fixtures contain a uniquely superior adaptation of the familiar xenon globe.

    Brite Box followspots contain the most highly advanced lensing system ever known in a followspots application.

    Our lenses are precision-cut using advanced laser technology and are coated with an anti-reflective material to ensure maximum light transmission.

    It is no secret among lighting designers and gaffers that a followspot can only be as effective as the operator who controls it. Brite Box followspots contain a simple, yet rugged system of mechanical controls that can weather the demands of any event from concert tours to broadcast television.
  • A Fun-size Followspot with the Punch of a Heavyweight Boxer  

    View from behind Brite Box Flame pointing toward the fifty yard line at Mercedes Benz Stadium, New Orleans, Louisiana.

    The Brite Box Flame is a revolutionary new hybrid followspot that brings together the most sophisticated techologies of xenon lighting and cinema projection.

    Brite Box offers five separate versions of the revolutionary, "Flame," ceramic xenon followspot. Each fixture delivers a light output greater than any followspot in its class and equivalent to that of luminaires requiring twice the power.

    Please choose from the links below to view the data sheet for each Flame followspot.

    ST2000 Short Throw

    MT3000 Medium Throw

    MT3000 Long Throw High Intensity

    LT3000 Long Throw

    SLT4500 Super Long Throw

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    See Brite Box in Action  

    Brite Box at Super Bowl XLVI.
    Image courtesy of Quinn Smith
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    Brite Box at Super Bowl XLVI
    Image courtesy of Quinn Smith
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    Brite Box at Super Bowl XLVI
    Image courtesy of Quinn Smith
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    Load-in for Super Bowl XLVI
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    Showing at the Phoebus booth.
    LDI 2012
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    Brite Box CFO Greg Smith & friend
    LDI 2012
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    J. Tedesco (left) & Q. Smith (right)
    LDI 2012
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    G. Smith from Brite Box(4th from left) & Q. Smith from Arc Light Efx(far right)
    LDI 2012
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  • Brite Box is here to Serve You  

    We won’t leave you out in the rain 

    Brite Box technical support is available seven days a week to assist you with maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairs.

    Don't hesitate to give us a call!
    Call us: +1 818 394 6330

  • Contact Us With Any Questions   or Propositions  

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  • Privacy Policy  

    Brite Box, Inc. does not sell, trade, or disclose in any way confidential client information to any third party for any purpose whatsoever. We respect our customers' right to keep their information private.

    Under no circumstances will we contact our clients via e-mail requesting personal and sensitive information.

    Brite Box does not distribute e-mail advertisements or spam, so please ignore any correspondence that pretends to be so.


  • Read more  

    The Lighting Revolution
    The Brite Box is the future of followspot lighting technology.
    It is the only followspot in its type and class, with a light source unlike any other in the history of entertainment luminaires.

    Industry experts first conceived, planned and built the Brite Box as the ultimate followspot solution for the entertainment lighting business.

    Brite Box lighting. Peformance without equal and efficiency by design.

  • The Brite Box Team  

    Brite Box, Inc. began in the summer of 2011 as a joint project between business entrepreneurs Greg Smith and John Tedesco.

    Brite Box envisioned a new, dynamic purpose for an existing light source drawn from a related technological field. Smith's existing lighting company, Arc Light Efx, and his quarter century of involvement with the entertainment industry provided the framework for an entirely new type of followspot. Tedesco's lighting products have served as the foundation for implementing the Brite Box lamp in a viable, production followspot.

    Brite Box represents the perfect union of superior xenon engineering and the technical savvy of an experienced lighting team.

    Support and accountability are the primary values of Brite Box, Inc. Unlike our competitors, who manufacture only for the end sale, our staff has several decades of experience working in rental markets.

  • Brite Box Company News  

    On August 8, 2013, U.S. patent application No. US 2013/0200795 A1, "Followspot and Method for Retrofitting a Followspot," by the principals of Brite Box, Inc. was formally published. Brite Box looks forward to a speedy approval of this revolutionary advancement in lighting technology.

    On February 2, 2014, 17 Brite Box Flames illuminated the Super Bowl XLVIII Halftime Show performance by Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers at Met Life Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. This marked the first time in event history that followspots other than Strong products were used as key lights. Brite Box's exclusive distributor, Arc Light Efx, Inc., based out of Los Angeles, CA, supplied the rental equipment as well as the technical staff to maintain the equipment.

    Eleven Long Throws and six Medium Throws prevailed through more than a week of inclement weather during setup and operated flawlessly for the duration of the program.

    The compact size of the Flames required only twenty feet of truck space for transport, compared with more than forty-five feet required by standard 3kW followspots. The load-in and setup time was dramatically reduced, owing to the light weight and compact design of the fixtures. At 1,600 Watts, the Brite Box Flame is the most efficient, environmentally friendly key light luminaire to have operated in a major televised event.

    The Brite Box Flame made headlines in the March 2012 issue of PLSN magazine, and the link may be visited here.